Our Approach


We Listen.  Then We Act.

At BrightBulb Solutions, we practice a unique approach to marketing.

Our relationships begin with the belief that every client should be treated with respect, no matter the size or the budget of their project. Because we are a boutique marketing firm, the accessibility of our principals and the level of personal service offered sets us apart from other firms. Throughout our process, we encourage and embrace open communication.

Our clients meet with our marketing tacticians and strategists. We listen. Then we act.

Once we have identified goals, we move forward autonomously and ambitiously to exceed our clients' objectives. We employ our expertise and utilize our tried and trued strategies and tactics to help our clients achieve success by

  • increasing ROI
  • customizing campaigns
  • testing what is scalable
  • analyzing relevant data
  • providing solid creative and strategic thinking from start to finish

Our clients seek us out for our insight and expertise in all things marketing. Our clients agree to step back and let us do what we do best, while the client does what they do best.

When this approach is honored, our progress and momentum is never impeded and we are able to save our clients for themselves and oftentimes from themselves.

Welcome to BrightBulb Solutions.